Why Should I Enter?

The power of winning a Dubai taste award

Dubai has undergone unprecedented growth over the last 2 decades that transformed this once small town into one of the world’s leading cities. The emirate’s growth has been anchored by an unwavering vision of establishing a center to serve an ever growing region, and a bridge that connects east and west.

Increased visibility

Winning Dubai taste award can go a long way in solidifying your reputation as a trustworthy brand that delivers. Awards can help boost your company’s profile. This increased awareness doesn’t apply just to consumers. You may also receive more attention from suppliers, vendors, and investors.

Free marketing

DITA awards can be an overlooked tool in your marketing toolbox. Make sure you maximise PR exposure and update your marketing materials with the award logo including business cards, website, literature, email and sales material.

Increased revenue

Winning differentiates yourself from competitors and can provide that edge for new deals and validates reputation.

Improved employee morale

When you receive a prestigious award, everyone on your team feels better. They appreciate being recognized for their hard work. Your employees will be more inclined to defend their titles moving forward. Nothing looks or feels better than being “best in class”.
What is the period for registrations?
  • Regular fee: €300 per entry or per competition
  • Registration deadline ends: March 29, 2024
  • Your samples shipping begins: February 1, 2024
  • Your samples shipping deadline: March 30, 2024
What kind of food or beverage can participate?

In the competition can participate every type of packaged food & beverages. The list is so big, but you can find few categories such as:

Meat products, Dairy, Olive oil, various oils, Sauces, Soups, Powders ready for preparation of foods, Conserves, Jams, Eggs, Desserts, Frozen Foods, Delicatessen foods and beverages, Fresh foods & vegetables, Healthy or Diet Products, Honey, Marmalade, General grocery foods, Pasta, Herbs, Sodas, Water, Low-alcohol beverages, Soft drinks, Coffees, Chocolate beverages, Teas …. All the food & beverage products.

Can I submit the same products in multiple competitions?

Yes. You can submit the same products in Quality and Packaging competitions. Entry fees are per product/competition.

Will my products enjoy publicity?

Yes, the products you will participate in will be published in the Dubai International Taste Awards  results with a full description (product name, short information about the product, photo, award, link to your website and your e-mail address).

Who's contact information should we include on the entry form?

We use the included contact information for all updates regarding your participation in Dubai International Taste Awards.

What if my company or a competitor has a judge on the jury panel?

We recuse judges from scoring any competitions and products their company or a direct competitor submits to. 

When and how are winners announced?

The awarded products list will be announced on the official website of  Dubai International Taste Awards. The specific date will be announced in our website. Also, all entrants will be notified, via the email address you included on your entry. 

Yes. Dubai International Taste Awards provides you with the opportunity to further the reach of your win through the use of our logo on your website, via social media, email signatures and more. For more information on the options available, please reach out to our team at info@dubaitasteawards.com.